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MT-Magnetic Particle

MT-Magnetic Particle


How it works.

Magnetic Particle Inspection is a simple way to inspect and locate surface or near surface discontinues in ferromagnetic test specimens that may not be visual to the naked eye. By applying fine particles to the surface of the area of inspection along with the introduction of a magnetic field, the fine particles will highlight any imperfections in the test piece such as a crack.

What we do.

B-TEC uses handheld portable magnetic yokes to introduce the magnetic field, as well as other methods such as coils. We are highly experienced in using both a fine dry powder and the black on white contrast known as the wet method. Our Level II Technicians have experience in many types of work environments and carry proper certifications to get the job done.


A Crack was identified by use of Magnetic Particle Inspection on a 999 boom heel.

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