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UT Ultrasonic Testing

UT Ultrasonic Testing


How it works.

Ultrasonic is a high frequency of sound pulses that are emitted from a transducer. The sound waves propagate through the material and reflect at interfaces. The reflected waves are monitored using a UT flaw detector.

What we do.

B-TEC’s UT Level I inspectors are highly trained and have received their qualification’s per SNT-TC-1A recommendations. Our Level I inspectors have been trained to Calibrate UT Meters, using both Single and Dual element transducers (Pitch and Catch). We can inspect for Lamination in plate, internal cracking, thickness gaging, and corrosion monitoring in pipelines. We are able to read and interpret A, B and C scan presentations.

B-TEC’s Level II inspectors have received the classroom Certification and have met the minimum of a total 1200 experience hours in all methods Per SNT-TC-1A. B-TEC’s UT level II Technicians are specialized in the inspection Wind Towers using many different angle beam transducers using a variety of flaw detectors. B-TEC has been chosen to be the contracted staff for many different production faculties, at many locations across the United States. In addition, we have also evaluated pipes, pressure vessels, and many other different components made of carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, and composites.


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