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NDT Methods

B-TEC has decades of experience conducting different types of inspections.



Visual Testing.

A trained visual inspector is able to detect irregularities that most people would overlook. VT can help and aid in eliminating discontinuities that might become defects at a later time.



Penetrant Testing.

Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT) is another way of finding imperfections such as cracks in the test piece.It differs from MT in that it does not need a magnetic field to expose any discontinuities, and can be used to inspect ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic materials.



Magnetic Particle Inspection.

Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) is a simple way to inspect and locate surface or near surface discontinues in ferromagnetic test specimens that may not be visual to the naked eye.



Ultrasonic Testing.

Ultrasonic is a high frequency of sound pulses that are emitted from a transducer. The sound waves propagate through the material and reflect at interfaces. The reflected waves are monitored using a UT flaw detector.

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